Political Lobbying

Protecting Your Interests

TMPA was founded in 1950 to protect the interests of peace officers and is a strong law enforcement lobbying force locally, at the Capitol and beyond. Today we protect law enforcement interests through the TMPA Political Action Committee (PAC). A PAC is the legal means to lobby and express support for or opposition to issues that are important to law enforcement officers. Through the PAC fund, TMPA contributes to the campaigns of those champions who support law enforcement. The PAC exists to give a voice to many who otherwise would not be heard.

TMPA dues money cannot be used to fund the PAC, therefore your PAC contributions are the only funds we have to support our friends in the Texas legislature and fight for the interests of law enforcement. Our continued success depends on your contributions, please consider donating to our law enforcement lobbying efforts online, by calling TMPA at (800) 848-2088 or by printing and mailing this form. We appreciate your support.

TMPA works with professional confidence and skill to represent all issues that impact law enforcement including:

Criminal Justice

TMPA works very hard to strengthen criminal penalties and fight off legislation that would hamper your ability to protect your communities and do your job. We do more than give lip service to legislation that impacts the Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, and other statutes that you use to enforce the law.


TMPA is the moderate and respected voice for employment issues in the Texas legislature and it is TMPA that legislators seek out for input on employment matters. TMPA was founded to protect the interest of police officers who won civil service legislation and it continues today to work for enhancement of wages, benefits, and due process for all public safety personnel. Recently, the TMPA PAC has been hard at work defending your earned pensions. During the 83rd Session we were able to stop all the bills that would have cut, limited or changed your pensions.

Regulatory and Licensing

TMPA monitors and provides extensive input into statutes that guide TCOLE and other commissions that may have any impact on law enforcement. TMPA maintains regular contact with TCLOE and provides constructive input and advice on regulatory issues.

TMPA maintains a legislative program that is member-driven. We will not endorse or support legislation that is not in our members’ best interest.