TMPA Mourns Passing of Former Texas Governor Mark White

Gov. Mark White

Photo from Round Rock Leader

White proved himself a unique leader by avoiding special interests and instead working with both parties to make Texas a better place

Contact: Brian Mayes, (214) 208-5842

AUSTIN, TX – August 8, 2017 – The Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA) expresses its deepest sadness and condolences after the passing of former Governor Mark White, who time and again proved himself one of our finest modern Texas leaders.

White, elected Texas Attorney General in 1978, served one memorable term as governor from 1983-1987. He distinguished himself a lawmaker unafraid of taking unpopular stances, so long as they resulted in legislation that would result in a safer, smarter Texas. Despite the risk to his chances for re-election, White stood firm and signed into law three monumental pieces of legislation: the first mandatory seatbelt law in Texas; the infamous “no pass, no play” law for public school students; and the then controversial requirement that public school teachers demonstrate continuing proficiency in the subjects they taught. It was White’s unwavering focus on bipartisan policymaking that led long-time Lieutenant Governor Bill Hobby to rank White as one of Texas’ greatest governors.

“Governor Mark White was the last of a dying breed: a statewide leader who worked to help all Texans instead of to advance his own political career,” said Kevin Lawrence, Executive Director of the Texas Municipal Police Association. “Because it was important for Texas, he often took positions that were not always popular within his own Democratic party – or with his campaign contributors. White always took the principled approach, rather than the politically expedient one. We need more leaders like Mark White, and we will miss him greatly.”

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