TMPA Applauds Sgt. Who Answered Dewhurst Call

Allen, Texas – The news of Lt. Governor David Dewhurst calling the Allen Police Department in hopes of getting a family member out of jail has become a big story. Even the national news has picked it up and many people are weighing in on whether or not Dewhurst was trying to abuse his power. However, TMPA finds the most important part of the story to be the actions of the Sergeant who took the call.

Allen Police Department’s Sergeant Jonathan Maness handled the call from Dewhurst with the utmost professionalism and TMPA applauds his work. Police Officers and all members of law enforcement get calls like this every day, according to Kevin Lawrence, TMPA Executive Director. “As much as we all want to help, it’s very important for the integrity of the profession that every person receive the same treatment, regardless of who they or their family may be,” stated Lawrence.

TMPA is very proud of Sgt. Maness actions; he is an excellent model for all officers who find themselves in this situation in the future. “We hope the public realizes what an excellent job he did, it’s great to be noticed for a job well done in this profession,” said Lawrence.

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