KXAN tries TMPA’s use of force simulator

KXAN reporter Kevin Schwaller tried out TMPA’s virtual use of force simulator to get a glimpse at different scenarios that officers face every day and the split-second life-or-death decisions they have to make.

KXAN Use of Force Coverage 3

In this scenario, Schwaller was distracted by a role player recording him with their cell phone and trying to talk to him, which would have resulted in him getting shot at.

KXAN Use of Force Coverage 1

TMPA Field Representative John Wilkerson explains to Schwaller how to communicate effectively with the subject/s to help resolve the issue without anybody getting hurt.

KXAN Use of Force Coverage 2

“It definitely illustrates… the short amount amount of time when things can go from a normal interaction to lethal force,” said TMPA Deputy Executive Director Mitch Slaymaker


TMPA facilitates these simulations with law enforcement departments throughout the state to educate and train officers on how to quickly use their judgment when confronted with a situation.

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