Cop’s daughter combats anti-police rhetoric

TMPA Deputy Executive Director Mitch Slaymaker made the trip to Cuero recently in order to recognize Katie Ellis, daughter of Captain Steven Ellis with Cuero PD.

Katie chose to stand against the negative rhetoric being propagated towards the police in this nation and raised money in the hopes of providing some relief for the families of those who choose to serve and protect our communities. She then donated those funds to TMPA Charities, which provide aid to families in law enforcement in times of need.

Despite backlash from Katie’s peers, she persevered and did what she knew in her heart was the right thing to do.

“It is through the brave efforts of young adults that we will turn this tide of negativity and falsehood around. We place our faith in you and your generation to perpetuate the truth of law enforcement. That truth being that we have the most dedicated and professional law enforcement this nation has ever seen,” said DED Slaymaker to Katie.

Slaymaker with Katie Ellis

L-R: SRO Templin, Captain Ellis, Katie Ellis, DED Slaymaker