Local Support

To request support with any of the following issues, please call TMPA at  1-800-848-2088 or email us.

Contract Bargaining

TMPA’s contract bargaining approach is designed to foster goodwill and mutual trust between officers and city leaders that will last long after the bargaining process is completed. TMPA can provide your association with the following services to ensure effective negotiations and beneficial contracts:

  • Scientifically-based tools such as salary surveys and a comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR) analysis that will arm you with the information you need to be effective at the bargaining table.
  • Highly trained and experienced bargaining staff with a proven history of drafting the best contracts in the state.
  • Private practice attorneys who specialize in law enforcement labor relations.
  • Assistance in obtaining the right to bargain or switch bargaining agents.

Management Surveys

If there are issues within an agency TMPA can help identify them. TMPA’s management survey analyzes the factors that influence workplace happiness and satisfaction including management, pay, equipment and professional resources. To uncover issues, TMPA experts develop a customized survey that measures officer workplace happiness on a number of factors. The survey is conducted in a way that that is constructive and keeps responses confidential. TMPA will analyze the results and make recommendations on how to improve the morale of the department whether it is a pay raise, better equipment or better relations with management. Throughout the process TMPA works with your local association leadership to achieve positive results.

Compensation Surveys

If your agency is losing officers or struggling to recruit new hires it might be because your pay and benefits are not competitive in your market. TMPA can conduct a salary and compensation survey on behalf of your local association to determine how your agency stacks up to others in your market. The salary and compensation survey analyzes a number of factors such as population, cost of living, location and number of officers. We then compare these factors with similarly situated agencies to see how your agency stacks up. TMPA can then provide your local association and your agency’s budget makers with recommendations for pay raises or increases in benefits that are backed up with viable, quantifiable reasoning. TMPA can also help your local association explain to the decision makers what you need and why.

Local Election/Referendum

A referendum is a vote or election in which you and your local association are asked to accept or reject a particular proposal. Each referendum comes with different timelines for access to the ballot, petition requirements and limitations on local officer participation. There are three types of referendum to consider. You may ask voters to adopt State Civil Service, address poor pay or benefits, or adopt collective bargaining/meet and confer.