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The Madness Has Got to Stop

Read about what TMPA Executive Director Kevin Lawrence has to say about the misdirection of the media when it comes to law enforcement. This editorial was originally published in the September/October 2015 issue of In Service.

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TMPA President Wester gives statement on Irving ‘hoax bomb’ case

Wester reiterated that neither race or religion had anything to do with the arrest. “Any person in suspect of breaking the law is going to be questioned,” said Wester in an interview with Fox 4 News. “Especially in the school system. They have to protect the teachers and the students that are there at the school.”

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Irving PA expresses gratitude to community leaders for support of police

The Irving Police Association expresses its gratitude to Irving Chief of Police Larry Boyd, Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne, and The Islamic Center of Irving for recognizing that the involved officers followed proper protocol and handled the situation regarding the student who brought the hoax bomb to school appropriately.

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