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Abilene PD officer killed in car crash

Detective Ybarra, who was driving an unmarked detective’s vehicle, entered a line of slow moving traffic. A short time later, an eastbound white Chevrolet Pickup came upon the line of traffic that was slowed and collided with the Detectives’ vehicle.

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TMPA Audit Committee Report

One of the duties of the 3rd Vice President of the TMPA Board of Directors is to chair the Audit Committee. The Board of Directors wants to improve our communication with members in reference to the various committees. As part of this process, I want to give you a report of what the Audit Committee did during the last year.

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Rep. Tony Dale’s letter to TMPA

Transcript: Dear Kevin [Lawrence], I would like to thank you and TMPA for all your help in the passage of HB 3647. This is an exceptional bill that will allow Texas to honor all of its fallen peace officers. It was an honor to work with TMPA on this legislation and I look forward to […]

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