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Operation Blue Shield: TMPA is All In

TMPA is proud to support Operation Blue Shield, a new community-centric campaign designed to promote better understanding and improve relationships between citizens, communities, and law enforcement agencies.

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Police chief and activist diffuse tension after police shooting

Freeport, Texas – The decision made by Freeport Police Chief Daniel Pennington to meet with a well-known community activist after an officer fatally shot a man helped the community remain calm as tempers mounted. “Immediately [after the shooting], Houston activist Quanell X, initially got involved in the matter,” says Pennington. “But because we were transparent with him […]

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2 officers shot at protest outside Ferguson police station

Two officers were shot in front of the Ferguson Police Department early Thursday, authorities said, as demonstrators gathered after the city’s police chief resigned in the wake of a scathing Justice Department report alleging bias in the police department and court.

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Dallas Police Association, Houston Police Officers’ Union issue statements in response to comments made by a statewide police association on body cameras

Below are official statements from DPA 1st Vice President Frederick Frazier and HPOU Executive Director Mark Clark regarding allegations made by a statewide police association on the body-worn camera legislation: We have many issues in law enforcement today, but pitting ourselves against each other is not good business. For many years, I’ve watched this happen in our city, making […]

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