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Is This the Day?

The words that follow explain that which you already know and live by. Nonetheless, I write this in the hopes that it makes it easier for you to explain our everyday actions in this career to those who have no knowledge of what we do or how we think.

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TLEC thanks Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick

The member organizations in TLEC – the Houston Police Officers’ Union, Texas Municipal Police Association, DPS Officers’ Association, Dallas Police Association, Harris County Deputies’ Organization, and the Texas Fraternal Order of Police – are proud to stand side by side with Dan Patrick.

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Silence Breeds Consent

I ask our citizens to stand up. Stand up for your community. Stand up for the rule of law. Stand up for public safety. Send a visible, vocal message to our elected officials, print and broadcast media, and everyone else. Tell them that you support law enforcement and will not stand for those who wish to do us harm. Stand up.

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